Immersive sound

Offer all your contacts an incredible and novel experience.
Enrich your contents, add value to your campaigns, increase your virality... The immersive sound has multiple advantages and applications. We are giving you the opportunity to find out more

The advantages of immersive sound

Stimulates the senses

Feel the aroma of a place, the scent associated with a sound, evoke the taste of a dish as it is cooking, recall a visual memory by its ambient sound, the roughness of a material by the vibration felt…

The Immersive Sound Process, appeals to all the senses of the listener remotely. Yet if the image can be reproduced digitally, neither taste, scent nor touch are replicated. This extra-sensory illusion becomes the catalyst for sensory communication.

Some applications

  • Develop sensory or experiential marketing for your products.
  • Enhance your communications at international level by giving a sense of the tastes and smells of a brand rooted in a particular region.
  • Provide an audio experience on smartphone/tablet to offer a hint of a scent, a texture, etc.
  • Create or transmit sensations.

Main relevant sectors

Luxury goods, beauty, food, health, fashion, furnishings, tourism, hotels, retail, etc.

Immersive sound enables a sensory illusion to be created

Enhances memory recall

By creating full sound immersion around your message, you enhance its listening and memorization qualities.

The Immersive Sound Process promotes concentration and learning. By activating all the areas of the brain, which are all absorbed into your universe of sound, the listener is more focused than by any other process. Your interactive and attractive e-learning content, now enriched by immersive sound, is a significant contributor to the effective and enjoyable assimilation by the listener.

Some applications

  • Develop training programs, MOOC or COOC Corporate Online Open Courses in immersive sound.
  • Give a new dimension to tutorials, educational videos, etc.
  • Build a memorable sound universe and signature.
  • Anchor the memory of a unique experience associated with your messages.
  • Send out and imprint a strong message with your targets.

Main relevant sectors

All sectors: Human Resources, training, education, events, marketing, communication, etc.

Through cognitive activation immersive sound helps to focus the attention of your audience

Conveys emotion

The listening time, creating a bubble which blocks out external aggravating factors, the enthusiasm around an achievement, the thrill of a concert, the passion of a stadium… By restoring the atmosphere that is most faithful to the reality (even in its hitches, its subdued silences, its gaps and its movements), the immersive sound process puts the listener right at the heart of an emotive moment.

In this way sound immersion manages to convey enthusiasm. It invites us to fully relive an uplifting emotional experience, and even restores its cathartic aspect.

Some applications

  • Transmit or re-broadcast events (sporting, cultural, conferences, etc.)
  • Share the excitement of the greatest moments (keynote, tributes, speeches) with your fans, supporters, activists and promote the rapid growth and distribution of an audio/video sequence.
  • Let your audience live new experiences (find yourself in the skin of an orchestra conductor, be teleported on to a float in the Rio carnival, etc.)

Main relevant sectors

Cultural sector, advertising, entertainment, media, sports, tourism, luxury goods, hospitality, politics and public, etc.

Immersive sound relays all the emotion of the greatest moments

Evokes intimacy

By creating a bubble which blocks out external aggravating factors during the listening time, the immersive sound promotes contact and eliminates distractions (ringtones, notifications, etc.).

The relaxing echo of an idyllic environment, the tone of voice of a messenger coming towards you, a confidence whispered in your ear…because of the immersion, the listener has an intimacy with what he is listening to and this holds his attention. A message broadcast using immersive sound and the “scene-setting” helps to personalise a vocal and create the conditions for trust, almost for familiarity.

Some applications

  • Invite your public to an interpersonal discussion, an interactive exchange
  • Establish a degree of intimacy with your audience, personalize your message and your brand.
  • Develop relaxing applications
  • Offer a way of experiencing a site, an environment, from thousands of kilometres away

Main relevant sectors

Advertising, marketing, hospitality, tourism, education/training, health, wellbeing, etc.

Surround yourself with the immersive sound

Promotes a sense of spatialisation

The sound, which bounces around its environment before reaching our ears, every day gives us information about the size of a space, the nature of an object, the form of a place, etc.

The Immersive Sound Process, by restoring all these indicators while being played, will invite the brain of the listener to reconstitute these dimensions. The immersive sound will thus enable the image to be recreated and materialised, and will transport you to a place with its own particular sound signature. This virtual spatial reconstruction can therefore be activated for multiple applications.

Some applications

  • An invitation to find a particular site, offering it “as though you were there”
  • Bring unusual and difficult-to-access experiences to life (dangerous access conditions, protected areas or areas with restricted access, disabled persons, blind persons, etc.)
  • Create a sense of vertigo/dizziness or of confinement inside a video game, etc.
  • Offer virtual reality, experiential tourism, from a smartphone, a website, or from an access terminal.

Main relevant sectors

Property, entertainment, tourism, promotion of heritage, trade fairs, travel agencies, transportation, events, etc.

Immersive sound enables spaces to be recreated virtually

Encourages sharing

As well as its unique and innovative characteristics, the immersive sound process adds a new dimension to your messages. By having an experience that is individual, personal, even intimate, the listener is more inclined to share his experience with those around him.

When compared to conventional methods of broadcasting a recording (audio or video), requests, views, likes and shares for publications are multiplied when they offer this new dimension.

Some applications

  • Publish enhanced content on sites, apps, social networks and promote their rapid distribution
  • Create immersive games for guessing a destination and attract new contacts
  • Brand content, marketing of content: transform a showcase/shop-front website into media to attract even more visitors by offering exceptional immersive content.
  • Design inbound marketing strategies by gathering contact data to allow you to contact them again and turn them into qualified leads.

Main relevant sectors

Marketing, retail/mass distribution, advertising, tourism, entertainment, high-tech, transportation, the VR/augmented reality market, etc.

Encourage your publications to go viral through immersive sound